Month: August 2009

Time Magizine Article

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I just got done reading the Time Magazine article “The Myth About Exercise”. 

As I always way, you have to eat right to maximize results.  HOWEVER,  This article made me frustrated because it forgot to mention all of the other benefits of exercise (Increased performance, improved strength, cardiovascular, hormone regulation, increased endorphins, reducing depression …I could go on). It sounds like the writer needs to switch up the workouts and like a previous person stated….watch what they eat. I agree that exercise won’t make you thin if you burn 300 kcal and eat horribly (consuming thousands of calories).

I just hope people don’t take that article seriously! This person like many others in our society are looking for a quick fix instead a tried and true solution (the combination of fitness and healthy diet). What a horrifying message to send to the country that is >30% obese!

As a fitness professional, I deal daily with idiots in the medical community that give advise to patients that have no clue about exercise.  “This patient can not exercise because they have arthritis” or “This patient can not exercise because they have osteoporosis”! Then I have to play nice and not call their doctor an idiot, and give the patient some backdoor explanation of why they need to exercise.

This is like the reports talking about the health benefits of chocolate and wine. I have to come to work and have my clients burn an extra 1000 calories because they had a wine and chocolate dinner the night before thinking in is good for them. Who eats a portion size of chocolate? Eat an apple you’re better off. Exercise works!