Exercise for Better and Safer Golf

Playing your best golf requires more than an expensive driver and a fancy country club shirt.  It requires muscular strength, power, endurance, stability, mobility and flexibility.  Long practice sessions and hitting hundreds of golf balls will not improve these components (except maybe endurance for you couch potatoes).  In fact, they usually result in physical injuries from overuse and a great deal of frustration.

It is a fact that a stronger and more flexible body plays better golf. Most fitness workouts can be beneficial to some degree, but there are golf-specific strength exercises that enable you to improve your balance and power through your golf swing, resulting in longer, and hopefully straighter drives.

The benefits of golf-specific fitness training have been well documented.  Golfers have significantly increased their driving distance, lowered their handicaps, and reduced injuries.  Below are a few exercises that you can do at home to give you more horse power, however, you will still need to learn how to drive the ball straight.

Lying Superman &   These powerful exercises will greatly improve your core and back

Body Bridges:           strength so you will be steadier and play more holes with less fatigue.

One arm rows:          This allows you to strengthen your entire back and shoulder blade area through a full range of motion, which will result in better control through your swing.

Abdominal crunches:     By strengthening your core (or trunk) your will be able to control your spine and play longer with no pain in the back.

Single leg exercises:   Besides strengthening the legs, which is where the power in your swing is originating, working one leg at a time will help improve your balance and coordination.

Functional flexibility:     Flexibility is the range of motion around a specific joint.  If you have decreased range of motion in any joint, especially the shoulders, hips or low back, your swing may not be mechanically sound or efficient.

Squats on Bosu:        Forces you to stabilize your entire body while your legs are doing the work. 

You can search the internet for information on any of the above exercises.  Remember to always warm up the body with light cardio before any strength training program.

Author: K2 Strength and Conditioning

Kevin owns K2 Strength and Conditioning in Summit, NJ. K2 focuses on athletic performance training for athletes of all ages

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