The People Solution

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Each of us has different goals, but there’s one thing we all desire… support! The need for nurturing and comfort is so strong that if we don’t find it from people, we search for it in other ways. This search can lead some people to drugs, alcohol or even food.

You may have spent most of your life healing your pain with food – finding your best friend in a dish, in a bowl, on a plate, or in a bag – because food never let you down. It gave you a kind of unconditional and unwavering support.

But the alternative source we should use to fill our emotional voids is people!

When you have the fitness blues – or any kind of blues – turn to what I call the People Solution. Having a group of pals who can support you during life’s ups, downs, twists and turns is essential. And you can help them, too. A weekly support group – held anywhere from a living room or park to a book store – can help keep you and your pals on the fast track to success. So round up a few pals and form your support system today!

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