Training with Madonna’s fitness coach

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Training with Madonna’s fitness coach
K2 Performance Studio

 Fitness, Pilates and Yoga Pro’s James D’Silva and Trudie Styler visit Summit Fitness Studio

On Sunday September 26, Summit’s own Fitness and Dance instructor Michal Efron hosted a Master class of Garuda – a new European workout method with roots in Yoga and Pilates, by the creator of the method Mr. James D’Silva. Fitness instructors and experienced individuals were invited to explore and enjoy an intensive and fun session. Also attending the class was long time Yoga professional Trudie Styler, wife of singer Sting.

“Our goal is to design and/or bring the most effective performance training programs to NJ” says K2 Fitness Trainer, Kevin Haag.  We are currently working with some of the top fitness pro’s in the world.  We must be striking a cord because they are coming to our studio to train and share idea’s.  The cool thing is that they often bring celebrities and professional athletes with them.   

 James D’Silva, a former dancer at the Royal Ballet, now specializes in disciplines including yoga, dance and pilates. He has evolved pilates into Garuda, his own hybrid workout system. Madonna, and others celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Trudie Styler and Bruce Springstein, have worked out under his guidance.

D’Silva and Michal Efron are working to bring garuda and other fitness programs to the area.  D’Silva wants to emphasize that his system is not just about celebrities – he works with athletes, with people recuperating from injuries and with all ages – his oldest student is an 83-year-old who suffers from Parkinson’s, and there are teenage classes too.    

“The important thing is to give yourself a sometime every day to work out. It can be a swim or a walk but it is so important. This workout has everything in it but I encourage people to do a variety of exercises.”  The program is catching on. D’Silva has been spending plenty of time in Israel, where Efron was introduced to Garuda, training teachers who are reproducing his system over there.

So what is the advantage of D’Silva’s workout over a regular gym? He says: “The classes can be aerobic – we work in such a way that we can get your heart rate up. It also strengthens and tones the muscles but the muscle texture is completely different from what you might develop in the gym. It is softer and longer, much more like an athlete’s or a swimmer’s body.  In a gym you either pull or push – here, you have a far greater range of movement. As you get older you lose flexibility. We work really hard on the spine to give it strength and fluidity.

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