K2 WOD 091813

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K2 WOD –  091813

HIIT Challenge

25 prisoner Squats

100 Jump Rope Rotations – (jump and jack also work)

25 Push-ups

100 Butt-Kicks

25 box jumps (or Jump on stairs)

100 mountain climbers

25 body squats

100 crunches

25 kettle bells swings (25%)  (Grab anything weighted)

100 rope waves

25 Pull-ups(Body Rows are great modification)

100 Jump and Jacks

25 Wall Ball (20%) (or Push Press)

Remember to modify any movements that cause pain or discomfort.  You can call me directly at 908-803-8019 if you have any questions about the workouts or would like personal modifications.


Enjoy and Live Well!!

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