Vacation Workout 1

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This is a great full body workout. You can do it for time or choose how many rounds you want to do. Find the local football field or park. Whatever the length of the field you are using; designate 5 areas for your exercises. Start at one end of the field with exercise 1. Complete as many pushups as possible and immediately get up and run 1/5 of the field length and start exercise 2. Up and down the field completing 10 exercises equals 1 round. Pay attention to the exercise numbers and go in order.

Goal Line

Exercise 1: Push-ups until failure
Exercise 10: 100 High Knees

25 Yard Line

Exercise 2: 25 Jump Squats
Exercise 9: 75 Twist Mountain Climbers

50 yard Line

Exercise 3: 50 Crunches
Exercise 8: 50 Sit-ups

75 yard Line

Exercise 4: 75 Mountain Climbers
Exercise 7: 25 Jump Lunges

100 yard Line

Exercise 5: 100 Jump and Jacks
Exercise 6: Walking Push-ups until Failure

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