You don’t become the thing you THINK about all the time. You become the thing you DO all the time.

What’s Up,

What are your core values. I believe that the core values a man or woman possesses act as their internal compass to give them direction in every endeavor they undertake. Without ever really recognizing and then defining your own core values, you will probably not have the precise direction you need to reach the goals that you (hopefully) have set for yourself.

I believe the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Over the last decade, I have invested time to discover what I really stand for and the values I want to use as my driving force. As a result of this introspection, I have realized that my most critical driver is to Act with Courage each day. I have heard and believe that Courage is not “the absence of fear”, but actually “still moving forward in spite that fear exists.”

My challenge this week is to see where you might need a little more courage and start something you know you need to be doing. Whether it is a new diet, enhancing your training program or starting to train for a race. Don’t wait for the time to be perfect, Start now and maybe it will be. The only risk……is not to take one.