Super Bowl Takeaways

Besides the usual; NEVER GIVE UP!, Martin Rooney has came up with a few life lessons you can take away from last nights super Bowl.

Aside from Tom Brady, if you were asked before the game to list players who would have been the most impactful or notable, you may have listed names like Lynch, Sherman, Wilson, and Blount.  Would names like Matthews, Edelman, Butler and Lane made your list?  Probably not, but it was these players that helped create the four biggest takeaways you might have missed.  In case you did, I wanted to make sure you got them now:

1.  You can look at things as your last chance or your first chance.

For the NFL season, the Super Bowl is the last chance for a victory.  The game is the last one played of the year.  And for some players, it is the last time they will ever see the field.  But last night, when some athletes may have been thinking about the end, many of the athletes did something for the first time.

The Seahawk’s Jeremy Lane and Patriots’ Malcolm Butler both had the first interceptions of their careers.  In both cases, the momentum of the game completely shifted.  Imagine if you could look at this week as your first chance.  If you do, maybe you can also get Mr. Momentum to change his address.

On this night of firsts, another player, had his first catches of the season.  These catches lead you to takeaway number two.

2.  You can Get Knocked down, but you are never out

What kind of Super Bowl night do you think you would have if you were an undrafted player out of college that then got cut from a CFL team and had to go to work as a security guard at Foot Locker?  Then, even when you do make it to a NFL team, you only get activated for 3 games during the season and never caught a pass?

You probably wouldn’t think you are going to have a highlight reel night, right?  Well somebody didn’t tell that to former Winnipeg Blue Bomber and current Seahawk, Chris Matthews.  His amazing catches in the game prove to you that it is never too late to do your best when it counts the most.

You may be in a tough spot right now too.  Staying positive and giving all you’ve got won’t fail you.  And lesson number three will give you a little insight into what it takes to give your best.

3.  You don’t have to be great to become great.

Kent State and the College of San Mateo are not usually the schools known for producing the future stars of the NFL.  Good thing Julian Edelman must have missed that memo.  During the game, his athleticism made him stand out among other world-class athletes.  Was it inborn talent?  You decide.

Besides touchdown catches, Julian is known most for showing up at 5am every day to do extra work. He practiced so much he became notable and valued for his versatility.  He has played defense, returns punts besides playing wide receiver.  Talent?  Sure he has it, but don’t forget what he taught you last night: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard.

You can work harder and you know it.  Use this week to give the little extra, and start moving forward toward your vision.

3.  Before you can BE it, you have to SEE it.

Speaking of vision, last night Malcolm Butler was a rookie player out of the University of West Alabama.  I am not sure about you, but I was not familiar with the school (and I know a lot of schools!)  But in a quick post game comment, the small-school kid Butler explained how he came up with the biggest play of the night: He said he had visualized making a big play in the game.

Your brain can’t tell your imagination from reality.  He had seen making the big play so much all week in his head, when it was time to happen, it just did.  Use that idea this week, visualize what it is you want and make your next “big play.”

4.  No matter how bleak thing look, never give up.

To be honest, I was sure the game was over when the Seahawks were second and goal with time on the clock and Lynch in the backfield.  But I guess all the New England fans out there are glad that the Patriots weren’t so sure. The final overall lesson from the Super Bowl for you: there is always hope. Never give up.  I know your goals may seem distant or the challenges great, but remember this:

Tough times don’t last.  Tough people do.

Yours in Strength,


Author: K2 Strength and Conditioning

Kevin owns K2 Strength and Conditioning in Summit, NJ. K2 focuses on athletic performance training for athletes of all ages

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