Lower Body Workout

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Lower Body Workout 1                 Focus:  Butt

You’re always busting it, but do you actually spend enough time firming it up?  While you need to start.  Your glutes are your largest and should be your most powerful muscle group.

For athletes, the glutes control the stability and movement of your lower body, protecting your knees and ankles.  For everyone, they are a calorie burning and metabolic boosting machine.

As they say “nothing beats a great set of legs”, but it all starts with the Butt!

Remember to always do an active warm-up.  Cardio or controlled movements with light or no weight are great.

Complete 3 rounds of 20 reps for each exercise in the circuit. Complete each circuit before moving on to the next circuit.  Use dumbbells or weights if possible.

Circuit 1

  1. Lateral Squats
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Single leg hip Bridge

Circuit 2

  1. Reverse Lunges
  2. Single Leg Deadlift
  3. Superman’s

Circuit 3

  1. Step-ups
  2. Kneeling Hip Circles
  3. Jump Squats